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I’m Marta, a UX/UI Designer, self-taught Graphic Designer and Scuba Dive Instructor who thrives on being creatively challenged. Art has always helped me express myself.

Throughout my life I have managed to escape the mundane by seeking a less prescribed life. This led me to an amazing natural world, working as a Scuba Dive Instructor.


The ocean drove my inspiration and the profession sharpened my intuitions. 

This helped me to connect with my students on deeper level, gain their trust, and to dive deep into creative solutions. I always strive to offer a unique experience for each of my students and clients.


The underwater world and the adventures lived abroad shaped my perspective in people’s behavior.


Now, as a user experience professional I know how to empathize with my audience, taking the complexities of technology and make them easier to use.


As a result, my journey made me find a perfect balance between the users' needs and the business goals.


wanna dive? wanna create?

don't be a stranger. say hello.

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